Proteomics methods have undergone rapid development in recent years with the increasing availability of modern LC-MS/MS instruments and are becoming more and more important, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, for example in target-independent drug discovery and in the development and production of modern biotherapeutics. However, industrialised use and large-scale application in clinical trials and routine diagnostics face challenges in terms of user-friendliness, sensitivity, robustness, costs and standardisation.

To overcome these limitations, the cooperation network aims to bring together a new generation of technology companies in MS-based proteomics that cover the value chain from sample preparation to instrumentation and data analysis. The network of SMEs, research institutions and large companies is, among other things, dedicated to the development of new methods, the automation of the entire process chain and the use of new, AI-based methods for improved interpretation of MS data. Analogous to the price drop in genome sequencing, the aim is to achieve a significant cost reduction and standardisation for a more widespread use of proteomic technologies.

The synergistic relationships between the partners are to be used not only in the R&D phase, but also in the subsequent commercialisation of the jointly developed products and processes.